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Philip Vogt – Accident Attorney in NY

I was born and raised in Manhattan and graduated from Baruch College with honors in 1977 and from Brooklyn Law School in 1980. Since my admission to the New York Bar in 1981, I have worked exclusively for law firms specializing in representing accident victims. I learned the trade of a Personal Injury Lawyer working for some of the most talented lawyers in the field. No greater lesson have I learned than the importance of personally working on every aspect of a client’s case, from the initial client interview through trial and appeal, if necessary. I have over 28 years of experience in every aspect of a personal injury lawsuit.

A track record of success for all types of personal injury cases

I have successfully handled all types of personal injury cases, and I pride myself in putting the interests of my clients above all else and zealously representing them in order to achieve the best recovery possible for them.

Railroad accident attorney in NY

All too often, injured railroad workers fail to fully collect on their claims because they were falsely informed that they can collect only a percentage of  lost time and wages.  In fact, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) was passed back in 1908, allowing injured workers to sue for all expenses for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any permanent injury, whether partial or total.  As a NY railroad accident attorney, I have extensive experience representing injured railroad workers to help them obtain the awards they deserve.

Slip & fall attorney in NY

A trip to the mall should not result in a trip to the emergency room.  As an experienced NY slip fall injury attorney, I have a track record of successfully ensuring that clients receive the fullest possible compensation for injuries sustained as a result of the failure of someone to maintain safe property.

Premises liability attorney in NY

As a NY premises liability attorney, I have a thorough knowledge of the laws pertaining to safe property maintenance.  I have extensive experience unraveling the complexities of these cases and uncovering the evidence needed to pursue a solid claim.

Auto accident attorney in NY

I have extensive experience as an automobile accident attorney in NY.  I regularly help clients collect the fullest possible compensation for an auto accident injury in NY.  But, my experience as a NY auto accident attorney has also helped me to help victims of single-car accidents—all too often, these accidents are caused by poor road maintenance, improper signage, and other instances when the injured person is not at fault.  As a NY automobile accident attorney, I look at every case individually to ensure all clients receive compensation when it is due to them under the law.

Construction accidents attorney in NY

As an experienced construction attorney in NY, I recognize the countless dangers faced by construction workers every day.  In spite of  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, many NY construction injuries could be avoided if all parties responsible for safe working conditions did their jobs more effectively.  Any number of companies and individuals may be responsible for a single accident, making these cases challenging to prove.  But, as a skilled NY construction attorney, I have seen numerous examples and know how to work toward the evidence needed to prove liability and help injured construction workers recover all expenses associated with their claims.

I have successfully tried dozens of accident cases to verdict for clients in these and other types of accidents, including police and firefighter accidents.  I have also argued numerous appeals before both New York State and Federal Appellate Courts. I have settled hundreds more to the satisfaction of my clients.

Bar Admissions:


  • Brooklyn Law School (1980)
  • Baruch College (1977)